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Independent Film Night

  • The Newtown Theatre 120 North State Street Newtown, PA 18940 (map)

The Newtown Theatre’s next Independent Film Night is set for Sunday, October 6 at the Newtown Theatre.

The event starts at 7:30 PM and will wrap up around 9 PM. Admission is just $5 per person and free for theatre members.

At this unique screening event, we’ll show a handful of short films created by independent filmmakers around the country.

Selected Films



Director: Denise Chan, a graduate of San Jose State University
Running time: 5:36
Synopsis: In this animated short, a darkroom photographer named Mitsuko struggles with self-doubt.

Dead Winter.jpg

Dead Winter

Director: Jason Winn
Running time: 15:35
Synopsis: Audrey, a young woman living in the post-apocalyptic American south, spends every day of her life fighting for the remnants of her family. However, her grandmother wants nothing more than for Audrey to move on and try to have a better life.

But, Audrey can't and won't imagine any other life for herself. She is focused solely on caring for the only people she has left in the world, which means hunting for food, hauling water, chopping wood -- and making difficult decisions.

Bounty Huntin'.jpg

Bounty Huntin’

Director: Jeff Sweeney, of Aldan, PA
Running time: 12:31
Synopsis: A lonely bounty hunter finds himself in a difficult situation when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, with a recently kidnapped bounty still in the trunk.



Director: Christopher Satola
Running time: 17:00
Synopsis: At the edge of a marriage falling apart, the young wife of a miner is forced to revisit her decision to leave after her husband gets trapped underground in a mining accident.

One More Please.jpg

One More, Please

Director: Aleksei Borovikov, of Chicago
Running time: 5:30
Synopsis: Feeling alone on Valentine’s Day, Daniel goes to a bar to get drunk.



Director: Natalie Camou, a graduate of the AFI Conservatory and Syracuse University
Running time: 18:15
Synopsis: Louise tells the tragedy of how a young girl, in 1912 California, loses her mother just as she is beginning to understand the devastating causes of their estrangement.

As One.jpg

As One

Director: David Spaltro
Running time: 15:00
Synopsis: Jill must put one foot in front of the other to move through her grief, and with connection she discovers that every mile has a story.

My Daughter Yoshiko.jpg

My Daughter Yoshiko

Director: Brian Blum, of New York City
Running time: 15:00
Synopsis: With her daughter Yoshiko diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and her husband overseas serving in the military, Saki Omura is finding it harder and harder to cope. Too ashamed to burden others and too proud to ask for help, Saki faces the now-daunting task of giving her daughter the best life possible.

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