Life, Animated

  • The Newtown Theatre 120 North State Street Newtown, PA, 18940 United States

Come out for a special one-time screening of an Academy Award-nominated documentary at a screening presented by the Friendship Circle - Philadelphia North. The group chose this movie to spread awareness about the lives of people with disabilities and making communities more inclusive.

Tickets can be purchased online for $5 and will also be available for $8 at the door. Doors open at 12:45 PM.

Life, Animated tells the story of a young boy, Owen Suskind, who finds in Disney animation a pathway to language and a framework for making sense of the world. By evocatively interweaving classic Disney sequences with scenes from Owen's life, the film explores how identification and empathy with fictional characters forge a conduit for Owen to understand his feelings and interpret reality. With an arsenal of narratives at his disposal, Owen rises to meet the challenges of adulthood in this moving coming-of-age tale. Beautiful, original animations further give form to Owen's fruitful dialogue with the Disney oeuvre as he imagines himself heroically facing adversity.

February 25
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