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Independent Film Night

Come out for our fifth Independent Film Night: an evening of short independent movies created by local filmmakers! 

Admission is free (donations gratefully accepted at the door).

Filmmakers will attend to introduce their work and take questions prior to screening their films. Some content is inappropriate for children. 

  • Spark: Award-winning author Wayne tries to rekindle the inspiration for writing he once had prior to a series of tragic events. Directed by Daniel Miller.
  • The Burning Tree: What at first seems to be an ordinary father/son hike reveals a deadly secret that no one saw coming. Directed by Keith Chamberlain.
  • Addle Strife: Two US Paratroopers at odds with each other agree to track down an injured German soldier after a failed American ambush. Their hunt leads them through the French countryside to a final standoff outside a timeworn farmhouse. Directed by Karl Erikson.
  • Transplant Heaven: A loving husband, father and grandfather prepares for the physical and mental battles of a liver transplant. Directed by Karl Bohn.
  • Broken Chain: An obsessed college student unearths the meaning of a chilling vision, despite the repercussions of his sleep-deprived mental state. Directed by Nick Lallo.
  • Interviewers: Nick, a fresh college graduate, has no idea what to expect when he lands his first big job interview. Directed by Alfred Greenbaum.
  • Charlotte Posts a Photo: Negative comments manifest themselves in unforeseen ways after Charlotte posts a new photo online. Directed by Kierin Rogers.
  • The Seagull: A stuffed dog is acutely aware of how little he belongs in a world meant for humans. One day, he decides to leave his friend, Lea, and his small town in France to find whatever it is that he's looking for. Directed by Justin Lee.
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