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An Evening with Dan Abrams and David Fisher

  • The Newtown Theatre 120 North State Street Newtown, PA 18940 (map)

The Newtown Bookshop will host New York Times bestselling authors Dan Abrams and David Fisher on Thursday, May 23 at 7 PM at the The Newtown Theatre.

Dan and David will discuss their new book, Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense: The Courtroom Battle to Save His Legacy. The book tells the largely forgotten story of the 1915 trial in which the former president was sued for libel.

Ticket price is $30 for one person and includes admission for one and one copy of the book. For two people, the ticket price is $35 and includes admission for two and one copy of the book.


The instant New York Times bestselling authors of Lincoln’s Last Trial, Dan Abrams and David Fisher returns with THEODORE ROOSEVELT FOR THE DEFENSE to tell the largely forgotten story of the 1915 trial where the former president was sued for libel. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the boisterous and mostly beloved legendary American hero, accused his former friend and ally, turned rival, Republican Party leader William Barnes of political corruption. The furious Barnes responded by suing Roosevelt for an enormous sum that could have financially devastated him.

The spectacle of Teddy Roosevelt, defending his legacy captured the imagination of the nation. “No more dramatic courtroom scene has ever been enacted,” reported the Syracuse Herald on May 22, 1915 as it covered “the greatest libel suit in history.” Using a full transcript of the trial and real time accounts from the nation's most prestigious newspapers, the authors take readers inside the courtroom to witness the eight days of fascinating testimony of Teddy Roosevelt under oath including a grueling cross examination that questioned the legacy he had so carefully crafted.  More than 50 newspapers sent reporters to cover the trial, which dominated the headlines for six weeks—it’s these verbatim accounts of the courtroom’s proceedings, including along with other primary sources that give us Roosevelt in his own words, and that underpin ROOSEVELT FOR THE DEFENSE,bringing the Rough Rider to life on the page.

In long-forgotten words that will resonate loudly in today’s partisan political climate, more than a century ago Teddy Roosevelt angrily attacked “the invisible government” that believed “the people are not fit to govern themselves.” Edmund Morris the award-winning biographer of Roosevelt once described Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt as "congenitally unable to question the rightness of his own decisions.” 

With free speech, political corruption, inter-party squabbles and libel laws dominating the news cycle today, this 1915 trial and Roosevelt's other encounters with the courts and the media could not be more timely. 


DAN ABRAMS is the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News and CEO and founder of Abrams Media. He is also the host of top-rated Live PD on A&E Network. A graduate of Columbia University Law School, he is the author of the Washington Post bestseller Man Down and has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalNewsweek and Yale Law & Policy Review, among many others. He lives in New York. DAVID FISHER is the author of more than twenty New York Times bestsellers. He lives in New York with his wife, Laura. Together with Dan Abrams, they are the authors of the New York Times bestsellerLincoln's Last Trial.